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Why Choose Augusta for Film Production?

Why Choose Augusta?
We Are Film Friendly

Watch the above video to learn more about filming in Augusta.

Unit Production Manager Testimonial
Warren Ostergard

Actor Testimonial
Dermot Mulroney

Why Choose Augusta?
Our Diverse Locations

Director on Augusta Locations
Grant S. Johnson

Unit Production Manager on Augusta Locations 
Warren Ostergard

Why Choose Augusta?
Our Local Crew

Writer/Producer on Augusta Crew Depth
Tyler Konney

The above videos were shot and the two-minute sizzle reel was edited by Cineloco.

Past Production Testimonials

We are proud of the work we do in the Augusta-Richmond County area to recruit and service video productions that utilize the Georgia Tax Credit while operating their production in our film-friendly city. Please visit our inquire page to contact us to learn more.

"Awaken" Production Testimonial

"One Heart" Production Testimonial