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FAQ • Frequently Asked Questions

FILM Augusta provides free assistance to film projects of all kinds, including feature films, commercials, music videos, documentaries, digital entertainment, and television series.

The below information is provided to help you navigate working with Film Augusta and navigating the guidelines for film productions in our area.

Are There Permit Fees?

While no permit is required to film in Augusta, you still need to register your production with our office. Before you register, please read all of the information on the guidelines page carefully.

Do I need funding to register my project with Film Augusta?

Yes, your project needs to be in pre-production and fully funded in order to best utilize our services. You will find a question on the registration form that requires you to confirm your funding.

How can my property be listed as a location for filming?

If you would like your property considered as a filming location, please visit the List Your Property page on our website. If you wish to offer your property for housing purposes, you can list in our Georgia Production Directory under SUPPORT SERVICES, PRIVATE ACCOMMODATIONS or contact housing coordinators listed in the directory.

Where can I network with other filmmakers?

In Augusta

Get introduced to our local film community with the Southeastern Filmmakers group. They are active on Facebook and also hold recurring meetings.

In Georgia

There are several media networking groups in Georgia. Visit the websites of the Atlanta Film Society and Georgia Production Partnership (GPP) for starters. Both sites offer a calendar of events, workshops, etc. in addition to social media links and 

How does filming in Augusta save my production money?

  • Georgia Film Incentive
  • No Fees for Applications or Permits
  • Low-cost Location Fees
  • Extremely Film Friendly

How can I work in the local film industry?

While Film Augusta and the Georgia Film Office do not hire crew members nor cast actors, there are a number of ways for Georgians to find work in the industry. Visit this page for more information.

How do I find representation as an actor?

Our Production Directory includes casting agencies that may be contacted directly.

Do You Help With Funding?

Our office is not involved in the actual production or funding of films. Once you secure funding, we are happy to assist you with finding locations or production resources to help you bring the project to fruition.

How do I find Augusta-based crew, talent and services?

Check out our Production Directory, which lists thousands of production workers and support services, updated daily.

Can you connect me with producers or agents?

Our office does not market scripts or projects to agents or producers.

Can I get the Contact Information for a Show or Production Office?

All cast and crew announcements we post are sent to us by the production company, and represent how they wish to be contacted. We cannot give out additional information without the company’s approval.

Where can I find grants for independent filmmakers?

There are many grant programs listed at the following links. Each one has its own specific criteria and application process. Filmmakers should research each opportunity carefully to ensure that the funder supports the type project for which funding is being sought.

Georgia grants for filmmakers:

Georgia Council for the Arts: GCA offers grants that support projects involving filmmakers; however, there must be a public component. For instance, GCA could support a project that brings students to a film set to teach them about how a movie is made, or a project that includes workshops by the director explaining how the final film was put together.

GCA grants also require that the applicant be a non-profit organization, school, library, college or government entity. Grants cannot be made to individuals or for-profit companies.

For additional information on GCA grants, go to

Additional Georgia film grants:

The following links list multiple grants and fellowships for filmmakers: